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Vodafone - #jetovtobe


Vodafone Czech Republic


McCann Prague


Maxmilian Turek


06 / 2016

The Brief

The shooting of this video was a part of a very complex and challenging shooting day where various materials for the launch of the campaign #jetovtobě by Vodafone were shot. The campaign presents 10 Czech Youtube influencers who encourage Czech teenagers not to give up their goals.


The Solution

On the day of shooting the simultaneous work of 4 different teams had to be coordinated – a team shooting the Supercut video, a team shooting the influencers´ debate and various other short videospots, a photoshooting team to shoot the influencers´ portraits in the studio and in different spots of the shooting area, and a sound engineer to record voiceover for the videos.

Thanks to a very well planned time schedule all the teams managed to get all the needed material.

Behind the scenes


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