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ALSA - Prague City Swim


ALSA z.s.


Jakub Švejkar


Radim Střelka


6 / 2019



ALSA - Prague City Swim

ALSA is the only organization in Czech Republic that deals with the topic of ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Their activities seek to capture the wide-ranging issues of this fatal nerve cell disease for which there is no effective cure yet.

Prague City Swim takes place on the 7th of September on Střelecký ostrov. As in Amsterdam or London, its goal is to connect hundreds of swimmers and paddleboarders, whom by participating in the event can contribute to the development of treatment while helping to bring this incurable disease to the general public.

The idea was to metaphorically communicate some of the major features of the disease in combination with the aesthetic visuals of the swimming environment. The beauty and condition of a healthy human body contrasts sharply with what this sinister disease brings with it.

More information about the activities of ALSA and about the Prague Swim race at

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